Disposable Pastry Bag

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Disposable pastry bag is a tapered bag that has a small opening on one side and a large opening on the other. The decorative end is usually the small opening. It often has a different tip that can be used to make different shapes. You can fill the large end with large amounts of soft food such as fillings, whippedcream, or dough. You can find disposable pastry bags in bakeries that sell decorating supplies, such as laminating bags or decorating bag. Before you can decorate with a disposable pastry bag, you will need to be able to use it properly. Disposable pastry bags. These disposable pastry bags can be used with or sans a coupler. The bag can be thrown away after you are done decorating. The disposable pastry bags make decorating cookies and cupcakes easy. You don't need to use a tip, as the ends can be cut and you will have beautiful swirly cupcakes or biscuits. The disposable pastry bags come in 100-packs and fit neatly in your kitchen drawer ...... These bags are no longer loose.
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