Metal Cake Decorating Scraper And Comb

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Silicone-Made Wholesale metal cake comb for Baking, Stripe Scallop Bubble Shape Cake Decorating Comb, Cake Decorating Straight Edge Smoother 10 inches scraper, Quality Metal Cake Decorating Icing Scraper Combs, Stainless Steel Cake Comb Metal Cake Scraper

A beautifully decorated cake is only possible with the right tools and techniques. The trickiest part of decorating a cake? Getting your frosting or icing to look textured. You can choose to have the edges of the frosted cake smooth or textured depending on the design of the cake. There are many ways to decorate cakes, and there are plenty of decorating spatulas. How can I use a cake decorating spatula? 1. After you have baked and prepared the frosted cakes, place them on a rotating cake stand or cake board. 2. Apply a thick layer icing. You can add a little more, as it is easy to remove. 3. Decide how your frosting should be textured. Use a decorating spatula to create smooth edges. 4. Grab the cake decorating spatula, and begin scraping the edges. You can rotate the cake slowly with your other hand by rotating the cake stand or moving the cake board. 5. After scraping off some frosting, check to see if there are any missing gaps. Add more frosting to fill in the gaps, and then scrape the cake. This can be repeated until all gaps are filled. A cake decorating spatula can be used in many ways and is a great multi-purpose tool for any kitchen. They are made from stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium. Plastic and aluminium are best if you plan to use the spatula for cakes only. If you plan to use them for food preparation, however, stainless steel is a better choice. Metal cake scrapers are durable and strong.
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