Silicone Baking Mat

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Silicone baking mats are probably the most nonstick material on earth. They are smooth and moisture-wicking, so nothing can stick to them. Imagine trying to stick a piece chewing gum on a silicone mat. It will not happen. What is a silicone baking mat? Silicone baking mats, which are made from silicone sheets (obviously I know), are usually woven with fibreglass thread to make the mat stronger. They can be bent and flexible and used to cover baking trays. These mats aren't new to baking. Pastry chefs have used them for decades. These sheets can be used in place of foil or parchment for baking. Simply place the silicone baking mats on a tray (biscuit tray with baking tray), and bake biscuits, pastries, or other baked goods on top. It's so easy.
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