Silicone Impression Mat

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Silicone impression mat – the ideal craft and decoration for cakes Silicone impression mats can be used to create patterns and textures on edible materials like fondant or chewing gum. They also work well for crafting materials like artists and polymer clay. Impression mats were traditionally made from vacuum-formed plastic sheets. These sheets lack the flexibility and nonstick properties of real impressionmats. silicone impression pads are a significant improvement in design. Each pad has deep and unique details that ensure high performance. All impression pads are made of the highest quality food-grade silicone. They form durable, flexible sheets that can be easily released and mold to almost any surface. This silicone impression pad by can be used to quickly emboss beautiful recessed patterns onto cakes. To imprint your design, simply roll the fondant and place your mat on top. Our large silicone mats can accommodate your larger cakes. Silicone mats are FDA approved and dishwasher-safe. They can also be used at temperatures up to 500° Fahrenheit.
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